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Colleagues wanted for (temp and/or contract) online jobs

16-10-2007, 16:46
Doing something on the internet - czyli robienie czegoś w internecie? Nie ma co - nazwa porywająca. Sam adres zasługuje na miejsce w kwiatkach

k-rad lad
16-10-2007, 16:32
Hi there all.

Our team is currently on the lookout for new colleagues
to join our Workforce. We seek for those durable and
disciplined people, who can undertake major online tasks,
as a team player. We provide temp amd contract workers for
World-renowned IT companies and ISPs, and we need some more hands.

Current jobs include beta testing, translations and many
which need an artistic touch, such as logo and web design,

If You want a rather permanent job, and have plenty of time
in front of a computer, why don't You just have a look at:


Thank You for Your attention!

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