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Bład sql z forum ipb

13-03-2006, 16:27
Witam, zainstalowalem sobie forum ipb 2.1.4, pare dni dzialalo perfect ale dzis przy probie wejscia do acp lub zmianie skina dostaje takie cos:

mySQL query error: INSERT INTO ibf_admin_sessions (session_id,session_ip_address,session_member_name,session_member_id,session_member_login_key,session_location,session_log_in_time,session_running_time) VALUES ('030508dc092ece889ba74bef13a78796','','pix3l',1,'735d2ea81a16f3ee0536e64ba7124e2d','index',1142263426,1142263426)

SQL error: Access denied for user 'pix3l'@'%' to database 'pix3l'
SQL error code: 
Date: Monday 13th 2006f March 2006 04:23:46 PM