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Wygasła licencja

31-01-2011, 13:41
Zaktualizować klucz licencji w samym panleu Plesk - nowy zostanie pobrany z bazy danych Paralells o ile sam panel Plesk nie ma błędów np po aktualizacji·

30-01-2011, 14:32
Error: The license key is invalid. In order to use the Parallels Plesk Panel, please obtain and install a new functioning license key.
Your license key has expired. To continue using your Parallels Plesk Panel you must purchase a non-expiring commercial license key.
Next license key update Jan 18, 2011
Key expiration date Jan 28, 2011
The expiration date will be automatically extended on Jan 18, 2011

co mam zrobic ?